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Malaysia Newspaper

Newspapers in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are quite a number of different languages being used. However, the three main languages in Malaysia are none other than English, Malay and as well as Mandarin. For these three main languages, each of this different language has newspaper specially dedicated to the particular language.

Malaysia English Newspaper

In particular of the English readers, one of the best known newspapers in Malaysia is none other than The Star.

For The Star, it is the newspaper which was first published regionally in George Town, Penang on the 9th of September, 1971. In addition to that, The Star newspaper was the first of it’s kind during that period of time and aside from that, The Star is also known as the first tabloid in the whole of Malaysia. Following its launch in the year 1971, The Star newspaper soon became well known and during the 3rd of January 1976, The Star newspaper went on to become a national newspaper instead of a regional newspaper. The Star reaches some of its biggest milestones in the year 1995 when The Star was the first corporate in the whole of Malaysia to launch a world wide web featuring interactive contents. In addition to that, The Star was also listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in the same year, 1995. The Star newspaper is widely known as a 3 in 1 newspaper where within the newspaper, there are three different sections which include Main Paper, StarBiz and as well as StarTwo. The Main Paper section covers regional, national and as well as international current issues whereas the StarBiz section offers a comprehensive coverage of local and international financial news such as market trends, financial reports and latest market updates. As for the StarTwo section, the contents mostly revolve around lifestyle, entertainment, health, parenting, social issues and et cetera. Every Sunday, there is an additional section known as Sunday Star. For the Sunday Star, it is an issue which covers current local and as well as world wide news. Besides that, Sunday Star also contains an educational section where careers, further education, exams tips and various comments are featured within. Also, The Star has the most readerships amongst other newspapers and currently, The Star is leading the other newspaper publications in a fair amount of margin.

The main website for The Star can be found here: http://www.thestar.com.my

Malaysia Malay Newspaper

In Malaysia, the largest ethnic group is most certainly the Malay ethnic group. Therefore, the majority of the market for newspapers consists of Malay readers. To cater for such demands, there are quite a number of Malay language newspaper publications and among all of these newspapers, one of the famous and well known newspapers is none other than the Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Utusan Malaysia was published in Jawi during the year 1939 at May 29th when the newspaper group was just newly formed. One of the distinctive and major logo of the Utusan Malaysia is the blue masthead which acts as a logo and as well as a trademark. At the year 1967, the newsgroup of the Utusan Malaysia was incorporated into a public limited company under the name Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad and in addition to that, the company was listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on the year 1994. Ever since then, the group started to expand into other field as well and during the year 1997, the group successfully ventured into the internet service provider business by establishing a subsidiary branch known as JARING. The contents of the Utusan Malaysia features nationwide coverage of current issues and in addition to that, the 32 pages newspaper also covers the latest international issues. In addition to that, the newspaper also focuses on other area such as entertainment, fashion, music, health, technology, business and many other more. Currently, Utusan Malaysia has a large group of readerships where the amount has totaled more than 1 million readers. All in all, the Utusan Melaysia has established a well known name as a versatile newspaper which is suitable to be read by various groups of individuals such as students, working class and as well as senior citizens.

The main website for the Utusan Malaysia can be found here: http://www.utusan.com.my

Malaysia Mandarin Newspaper

Aside from both the Malay and the English language newspapers, there is another newspaper in Malaysia which is dedicated to the Chinese ethnic group or Mandarin readers. One of these well regarded newspapers is known as the Sin Chew daily newspaper.

The Sin Chew newspaper was first published in the year 1929 where during that period of that, the country Malaysia is not even formed yet. For this reason, the Sin Chew newspaper been through quite a series of tragedies such as the newspaper publications was stopped due to the Japanese invasion between the year 1942 and 1945. Aside from that, the publications of the Sin Chew newspaper were once again interrupted at the year 1987, during the 27th of October. Under the constant efforts by the current president of the Sin Chew newspaper group, the newspaper finally regained their publications right at the year 1988 during the 8th of April. Soon after that, success follows through the Sin Chew daily newspaper as the sales of the newspaper falls around four hundred thousands during the early re – publication of the newspaper. Currently, the Sin Chew newspaper has one of the largest readerships amongst other newspaper. At the year 2004, along side few other newspaper groups, the Sin Chew daily newspaper group was finally being listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and from there, Sin Chew has been operating as a public listed company. The contents of the Sin Chew newspaper cover a wide area where of course, the newspaper is kept up to date with the latest happenings within and outside the country of Malaysia. In addition to that, the Sin Chew newspaper also has several other sections on different days of the week. Some of these sections include the daily business section, the weekend section and the sub section where in the sub section, various articles, career advises and others are being constantly published. Aside from that, the Sin Chew newspaper also contributes significantly in charity where the newspaper will help individuals who are in need of financial assistance (mostly due to sickness) to garner enough financial donations from the societies of Malaysia and as well as from the newspaper’s readers. Today, the Sin Chew newspaper is one of the largest Mandarin news publications where the readerships of the newspaper have exceeded the margin of 1 million readers.

The main website for the Sin Chew daily newspaper can be found here: http://www.sinchew-i.com

Source: http://www.talkmalaysia.com

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